A new assignment has been posted…due on Valentine’s Day! http://linearmusicassignmentproject.com/assignments/

Check out AtemHalt’s LMAP song and learn all about him here: http://linearmusicassignmentproject.com/featured-artist/

Here is a link to the blog post that SoundCloud did about LMAP! http://soundcloud.tumblr.com/post/60169354508/linear-music-assignment-project-lmap-is-a#note-container #soundcloud #music #lmap #linearmusic

Our very first featured artist has been posted. So check him out! http://linearmusicassignmentproject.com/featured-artist/

Welcome to the new LMAP website.  We hope you stay a while.  

We are working on a new website so hang tight while we work out the kinks. Thanks!


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