Hear it here! https://lmap.bandcamp.com/album/midwest-edition

LMAP Notes from Rob Jordan~Bello Spark It was about damn time I wrote a song about summer! However, I’m not good with structure. It stresses me out most of the time. At the beginning of this experience I realized that this is no different when writing a song. 95% of the time I write from […]

Notes on writing and recording: In mid-June, my wife, my two sons, and I rented a house on a vineyard outside Baroda, MI. I was inspired to wake up before sunrise on the first morning there. As I badly tried to make scrambled eggs on a charcoal grill, I thought, “This is the weekend I’ll […]

GLOOM BALLOON shared a collage of the instruments he used to record his new LMAP song ‘Pissed & Shout’ which will please your ears in just a couple more weeks! -J

We have handpicked several Midwest artists for our next LMAP. An assignment has been handed out and everyone is hard at work on their jams. Expect some badass free music in late July! Info regarding the participants will be released shortly. Stay tuned. Love, LMAP

A new assignment has been posted…due on Valentine’s Day! https://linearmusicassignmentproject.com/assignments/

Check out AtemHalt’s LMAP song and learn all about him here: https://linearmusicassignmentproject.com/featured-artist/